Automotive Customers are billed for Services three times a year approximately. Providing an exceptional customer satisfaction is a big challenge… Service Stations / OEMs need to get customers feedback to keep quality improvements and process of satisfactory in place. Disruptive Analytics Platform helps you to capture and engage your customer’s satisfactory feedbacks or surveys through their smart phones in an easy and quick feasible access. Use customer feedbacks and instant real time Analytics helps Dealers and OEMs for quick decisions.

Disruptive Analytics platform combined with mobile feedbacks from customers through digital authentication and Dealers, Telephone feedbacks follow-ups calls is recorded in web through instant where customer executives can record and Analytics report helps to analyse Service Station owners and OEMs instantly on real time across regions.

The platform helps OEMs to get deep customer Insights and monitor at the ground level customer satisfactory…instantly. The platform helps to create customer engagements, and make a better business decisions The Platform fetches each customer’s behaviour data and demographic representation on real time.
The Platform helps to retain customers for their next vehicle purchase by creating a meaningful engagement for a long term through service retention.