Post Sales Analytics is not the end ….. Its just beginning of your customers Analytics !!!!!!!
Aftersales accounts a major revenue of OEMs core profits and can be a major revenue center as well. However, many businesses are leaving an astonishing amount of post-sales revenue and profit on the table-by-step, scalable, analytics-based approach can convert uncertainty to measured risk, and turn poor-quality data into measurably higher quality data and actionable insights.
Voice of each customer is nothing but voice of your product, which includes machine-to-machine (M2M) data tied to the end-customer’s experience
By using advanced analytics, you can segment your customer population, understand ecosystem partner nuances, and identify how to improve processes and economic value across each segment of the customer and partner base, and every aspect of the post-sale supply chain. And by combining analytics, OEMs can optimize process workflow and leverage automation to drive even greater efficiencies.
Service chain triage, retention/returns, recalls, reverse logistics and inventory carrying optimization can be linked based on consumer Analytics , through Disruptive Analytics after sales customers analytics platform.