Disruptive Analytics Launched India's first OEM independent Garage Analytics App!!! The App is integrated with Digital Job Card, Customers vehicle history, parts consumption history and also consumer insights integrated is the only first App in India which is creating a revolutionary Digital transformation. With Digital Invoicing capability and pay through paytm / online / options integrated in App is creating a Digital payment options for Garage customers. The App is now serving DMS for Garages, which is beneficial for both Garage owners and end consumers. Disruptive analytics also integrated the same app for 2 wheeler, 4 wheeler and LCV vehicles Garages. Garage owners can now download from Google play store and start using with a simple registration process, is converting on hand IT and Digital transformation of your garage in a single shot go! Disruptive Analytics unique Garage App back end Analytics is filtered with OEM independent way is and unique opportunity for OEMs to register now garages under our umbrella!!!