The research and predictive analytics reported , Providing consumers with the digital capabilities they want is key to future market success. Disruptive analytics Digital transformation of Dealers, Service stations and even a small Garages , leveraging existing IT investments, and innovating without disrupting themselves. Billions of people are using smart phones, tablets to share insights and engage with their regular activities in hand go. Disruptive Analytics innovated platform is engaging all of customers of each Dealers, Service stations and Garages. The internal operations of Dealers, Service stations and Garages right from JOB CARD to end delivery and with the customer satisfactory and Analytics engine integrated helps Daily operations in a much matured and productive for today's competitive market!!! According to Industry sources, out of approximately 15,000 authorized showrooms run by 8000 dealers only 30% are profitable. Net profit of even these 30% is not more than 2%. The adoption of digital platform will, however, drastically reduce the infrastructure cost, the biggest contributor to dealer's cost. With Disruptive Analytics platform, every dealer can run their own e - commerce engagement with consumers too is also another added advantage to keep their market share and keep growing!!!