Disruptive Analytics - OEMs Analytics Partner.
Disruptive Analytics Announces Voice of Customer Analytics Platform for Automotive Sector.Disruptive Analytics reveals valuable insights out of customer interactions.The Voice of Customer analytics platform is designed to uncover the hidden value in customer insights for OEMs.A platform for OEM’s to analyse customer complaints and ensure retention through prognosis techniques.Today’s customers routinely use varied communication channels and touch points to interact with a brand, but most businesses aren’t able to conceptually understand the interactions without human interpretation. With Disruptive Analytics Platform,
OEMs can get Fuel for Better decisions on businesses leverage, technology at scale to understand these unstructured and hidden human insights.
With service as a business Model, the platform enhances sales, and marketing decisions, Recall Decisions in the OEMs canter as well as across the business,
including R&D and for the new vehicle models expectations of consumers.
The platform covers, Walk-in consumer Analytics, After Sales Analytics, Post service Analytics, Digital transformation. Being Direct insights of customers used for the platform and a wide ecosystem is built around Authorized Service Stations and Unauthorized segment and Garages, where hidden insights of consumers not visible to OEMs, Big Data and consumer insights floating on the platform, Helps OEM's to Design New Products and Services for Better Market share and profitability.
Disruptive Analytics is incubated by Autonebula, http://autonebula.com.
Currently acquired few service stations of Different Brands and few Garages across Bangalore is expanding its footprints to different states across India
Looking forward to partner with OEMs to further enhance the product base... Says Founder, CEO of the venture Gururaja Anandathirtha